Privacy Policy

Pinterest is one of the leading and well-reputed applications used for video, images and Gifs downloading. With the help of this application, you can’t only download those items for different devices but save and reshare as well. Moreover, it also allows users to share downloaded items with the help of other applications with other users. So, you can directly share downloaded videos, images and Gifs with others with the use of These privacy policies and terms govern all personal data and information collected by this application.

Consequently, this application is helpful for all the iPhone users as well as android and windows-based system. Therefore, these terms and policies are also applicable to iPhone users. To find out the correct version of these policies, you can get it directly from By using our website, you agree with all our terms and policies, including storage and disclosure of non-personal information. We use this non-personal information to show websites and links according to your interests.

If you have any queries related to these privacy policies, then you can contact our team via email.

Purpose For The Collection Of Personal Data: uses the personal information of the users such as name, email address, ID, account holder name and passwords. This site uses this personal information to offer completely secure and authorize services to the clients. Moreover, we use this information to save users from any accidental damage and loss of data.

Besides this, personal information used to identify the user and their intent to approach our site. It also helps to identify all the things such as purchasing services and products from our website. This website holds the personal information of the users until they accomplished their activities and tasks on the site. However, the users can also visit our site without providing their name and other personal details. But it will also prevent the users from accessing a few specific activities and services of our website.

Apart from this, the site will not offer services for individuals under the age of 16 years. Therefore, it’s illegal to use this website by children without any consent of guardians and parents. You also have a right to disagree with terms and privacy policies anytime. It will generate a few restrictions for your account while using or performing activities on this website.

Usage Of Non-Personal Information:

This website may collect technical or non-personal information of the users. The purpose of the collection of this information is to offer the services accordingly the interest of the users. This information includes the computer system version, name and used languages to access the site. So, the site can offer services after recognizing the behaviour and patterns of the users.

Our website uses this information to improve the quality of services and to offer customized services accordingly the interest of users. It also helps us to evaluate the performance and revenue of our website. On the other hand, it also guides the control team to access and understand the behaviour patterns of the users.

Third-Party Websites And Links:

Our website has complete control to manage the personal information and details of the users provided on-site. But we don’t disclose the personal data and data of the users. However, we offer the non-personal and technical information of the users to the third-party sites and links. These sites and connections are the main sponsors of our website. They use non-personal information of the users to offer and show the services accordingly their interest. However, we are not questionable in the case of any damage and loss due to the content mentioned on these third-party websites. So, even the third-party websites can’t infringe upon the personal information and data of our users.

Website will mention all the details and alerts in the form of notifications in these privacy policies. will surely inform the users in the case of personal information disclosure and exploit. We will also provide the purpose for the usage of personal information of our users. The period to hold this personal information is as long as much the users want. The users can disagree from providing personal information and data on the site whenever they want. However, the refuse of granting personal information and data will also prevent the users from performing a few specific activities on the site.

Authorization And Validation Of Personal Data:

Our website is continuously working on the administrative and technical perspective of the site to offer complete security and protection of data. For this, we provide the full encryption of personal information and data of the users. We break the password and confidential information of the users in numbers of ways to offer security and authorization.

We are also taking considerable measurements to save the user’s information from hackers. To keep the personal data and data of the users from hacking, we have installed a few security measurements in the background of the site. These measurements help to minimize the access of unauthorized persons on the site. Apart from this, we also generated a complete backup plan for personal information to compensate for any loss and damage.

On the other hand, we also minimize the numbers of employees and management team that are handling the personal information and data of the users. For this purpose, we offer complete and professional training to our control and management team members.

Website’s Cookies:

The company shall use the web cookies to offer the correct and appropriate services to the users accordingly their interests. Moreover, the purpose of these cookies is to set preferences according to the needs of the users. However, you can accept as well as reject these web cookies. You have an absolute right to accept or refuse to provide personal information and data on the website. In the other way, you can also request the site for withdrawing your personal information and data after the accomplishment of activities on the website.

We will appreciate our customers for checking and reviewing these changes over time. It will keep themselves updated on the latest information and services on our websites. Moreover, it will also help with the better collection and protection of personal data. So, it would be best to acknowledge these modifications and changes after reviewing or viewing all activities or services of this website.