How to Text Yourself in iMessage, WhatsApp, Discord & More

In our fast-paced digital age, quickly taking notes of our thoughts, saving links, or reminding ourselves of tasks has become increasingly important. While there are several apps and tools designed for notetaking and reminders, sometimes the most effective solution is the simplest one: sending a text to yourself.

This method combines the understanding of messaging with the immediacy of notetaking, creating an all-in-one way to remember and revisit important pieces of information. Whether trying to remember a grocery list, save an interesting article, or even share a document, texting yourself can be an incredibly multipurpose and handy tool.

In this guide, we explore the various platforms on which you can text yourself with a step-by-step guide for each.

Why text yourself?

Why Text Yourself?

There can be several reasons why someone might text oneself. You could have chosen to send yourself messages for whatever reason suits you. At the primary level, that can be to remind yourself of things you need to buy from a store, songs and movies you need to explore, places you have planned to visit with your family, or something related to work.  

Texting yourself doesn’t only relate to written words. It can include media like photos, videos, audio messages, and documents. You might want to keep some important work documents, digital tickets, and boarding passes within quick access. This will save you the hassle of finding them from email or hundreds of documents on your file manager.

You can also use self-texting to save links to important web pages. You can quickly grab a URL and send it to yourself to have a look later.

How to text Yourself on iMessage

Whatever the reason is for texting yourself, if you own an iOS device, here’s how you can send a text to yourself on iMessage:

  1. From the Settings app, open the “Messages.”
    Tap on "Messages"
    Tap on “Messages”
  2. Look for the “iMessage” option and tap on the toggle next to it. Make sure it turns green, which means it is on.
    Tap on the Toggle
    Tap on the Toggle
    After this, you need to add your contact on your phone to appear in the list of people you can text. Add your contact information here if not already added. Once it is done, you can send a text to yourself easily.
  3. From your “Messages” app, tap the new message icon.

  4. In the “To” box, write your name and select yourself as the recipient.
    Search your name
    Search your name
  5. Type or paste whatever you want to send in the box below and tap “Send.”
    Send anything to yourself
    Send anything to yourself

You will receive a text message from your own number, and the conversation will be created. You can use it whenever you want in the future, just like conversation with others.

How to text yourself on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the top messaging apps around the globe. With its easy-to-use interface, universal accessibility, and several other features, WhatsApp has been a go-to texting tool for millions. WhatsApp recently introduced a feature of texting yourself, and it has become a handy tool for people who know its importance.

A contact is created with your number by default, and you can send text, images, videos, audio files, and anything you can share with others on the platform to yourself. It is displayed as “Me (You)” at the top of your WhatsApp contact list. To text yourself using WhatsApp:

  1. Open the app and tap on the new message icon.
    Tap New message icon
    Tap New message icon
  2. You will see a contact labeled “You” at the top of the contact list. Select it.
    Select "You"
    Select “You”
  3. A conversation with yourself will open. You can send and share anything here.
    Conversation with yourself
    Conversation with yourself

How to text yourself on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is another famous and commonly used messaging platform. It is one of the pioneers to introduce the ability to send a text message to oneself. Whether using the web version or the app, messaging yourself on Facebook Messenger is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

On the Facebook Messenger desktop app

  1. Navigate to the Facebook Messenger desktop app and click on the “New Message.
    Click on the New Message button
    Click on the New Message button
  2. In the “To” field, type your name, and then your profile will appear at the top, and click your profile.
    Type your name
    Type your name
  3. Type your message or attach an image and click “Send.”
    Send messages to yourself
    Send messages to yourself

On the smartphone App

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app and tap the “New Message” icon (pencil shaped) at the top right.
    Click Pencil icon
    Tap Pencil icon
  2. Type your name in the search bar and select your profile from the dropdown list.
    Search your name
    Search your name
  3. Enter your text message or choose an image from your camera roll. You can send everything to yourself here.
    Send messages
    Send messages to yourself

Now, you can easily send notes or reminders to yourself on Messenger!

How do you text yourself using Discord?

While Discord doesn’t natively support self-messaging, there’s a workaround method to do it. Here’s how you can message yourself using both Discord’s desktop and mobile platforms:

For Desktop Users (Windows and Mac)

  1. Launch Discord and sign into your profile. Now click on the “Friends” tab on the left-hand menu.
    Open discord and click on friends tab
    Open discord and click on Friends tab
  2. Find and click the “+” sign next to “Direct Messages” to initiate a new group message.
    Click on + icon
    Click on + icon
  3. Your contact list will appear for group inclusion. Proceed by clicking “Create DM” at the screen’s base.
    Click on Create DM
    Click on Create DM
  4. With your new group (of just you) in place, you can type and send messages. You can revisit this space anytime via the “Direct Messages” section.
    Your own group will be created
    Your own group will be created

For Mobile Users (Android and iOS)

  1. Open the Discord app and tap on the chat bubble with a “+” sign to craft a new group message.
    Tap on "+" sign
    Tap on “+” sign
  2. You’ll see a group created with your own name. It is visible under “Direct Messages.” Pop in anytime to drop a note to yourself.
    2. Tap on "Create Group DM"
    Select a chat with your name

Using this method, you can have a personal chatroom on Discord for notes, links, or anything else you’d want to revisit.

Tips and Tricks for Texting Yourself

Tips and Tricks for Texting Yourself

Make the most of texting yourself with these simple tips. Turn your messages into helpful reminders and easy-to-find notes.

  • Keyword Consistency: Begin messages with specific keywords (e.g., “Reminder,” “Article,” “Idea”) to categorize and search them more easily later.
  • Timestamps: Add dates or times to important reminders. This can be especially useful for tracking when you save specific information.
  • Utilize Voice Messages: Most platforms allow for voice messaging if typing is inconvenient. Dictate your thoughts or reminders for quicker notetaking.
  • Backup Regularly: Ensure you enable backups, especially using self-texting for essential notes and information. This ensures data safety even if the original messages are lost.


Texting yourself is a handy tool for quickly saving thoughts or reminders. Platforms such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Discord have made this process straightforward. By utilizing best practices, such as consistent keywords and regular backups, you can optimize this approach. It’s a versatile solution for today’s fast-paced world.


Why would I want to text myself?

Texting yourself can serve multiple purposes, like setting reminders, saving links, jotting down quick notes, or storing important information for easy access.

Can I text myself on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can text yourself on WhatsApp. To do this, open the WhatsApp app and select the “New Message” option. Then, select your phone number from the list. You can then type a message to yourself and send it. You will receive the message on your device.

Can you text yourself on your iPhone?

Yes, you can. This is a great feature of message apps, including iMessage. It is also very easy to use. You just need to open the Message app to send a message to yourself. Then, type a message, enter your number in the To: field, and tap the “Send” button.

Can I send multimedia messages, like photos or videos, while texting myself?

Yes, most messaging platforms, including iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, allow you to send multimedia messages, including photos, videos, and even documents to yourself.

Is there a limit to how many texts I can send to myself?

Most platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger don’t have a set limit. However, storing many texts might take up space on your device.


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