[FIX] Nintendo Switch Error Code 2005-0003

Users receive this error code on Nintendo when they are trying to download a Software Update or a new game on Nintendo Switch. The error code indicates an issue related to the Micro SD Card and usually occurs when users try a generic or a low-quality Micro SD card to download the games.

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2005 -0003

Before you jump to the methods to fix this issue, you need to make sure you have gone through the following preliminary solutions:

Update your Console: Make your console is up-to-date and press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds then select “Power Options” > “Restart”

Reseat the Micro SD Card: Power Off the Console and remove the Micro SD Card and reinsert it to make sure it is correctly reseated

Format the SD Card: It is possible that the Micro SD Card has been corrupted, therefore Format the Card and see if the problem is solved.

Switch to the System Memory: Make sure that the system is able to write on to the Micro SD Card. To do this remove the Micro SD Card and download the files on the system memory, if you are successful then this means that the system is unable to write the files on the SD Card.

Method 1: Test the Capacity of Memory Card

There is a large number of fake USB Flash Drives in the market with much lower storage capacity than they actually claim to have. If you have purchased such a Micro SD card then that might be the reason you are getting the Error Code 2005-0003 because the files that you are trying to download require more storage space than your card supports. There are many free tools available on the Web to check the actual capacity of the memory card. You can use H2testw or FakeFlashTest.

The program does not require installation just run the .exe after extracting the Zip files. Select the drive that you want to test from the Dropdown menu and click “Test Empty Space”. The process may take some time but it will show the correct space once completed.

FakeFlashTest Test Empty Space

If you find out that the total available space is less than the mentioned space on the SD Card then the card is fake and that was the probable cause of error code 2005-0003.

Method 2: Repair the Micro SD Card

Sometimes SD Cards get damaged or corrupted and it is impossible to write data on a corrupted SD card. The only solution is then to format the SD card and if that does not work that you need to use an SD Card Repair Tool. You may try one of the below-mentioned tools to repair your card.

Tool 1: Windows Disk Management

  1. In the Windows Search Bar Type “Disk Management” and click on the utility to open it.
    Open Disk Management Utility
  2. Right Click on the SD Card and select ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths…’

    Select Change Drive Letter and Paths…
  3. In the new pop-up window click “Add
    Click Add
  4. Windows will assign a new drive letter to the SD Card Drive
    Windows will assign a new letter to the SD card
  5. Click “Ok” to Save changes

Tool 2: Windows Explorer

  1. Open your windows explorer and right-click on your Micro SD Card and select properties.
    Select Windows SD card Properties
  2. Open the “Tools” tab and in the “Error Checking” box click on “Check now…”
    Click Check Now…
  3. Check the option that says “Automatically fix file system errors” and let the Scan Process finish and then close the scan window after completion.
Automatically fix file system

Tool 3: DiskPart

Windows Command-Line has a very powerful tool called Diskpart which enables you to format and fix the errors on your Drive. It is designed to be used with all versions of Windows. It allows more control of the Disk Management Process compared to the Windows Explorer. It has the option to clean the drive which searches and fixes the errors on the Disk/Flash Drive.

  1. Open Window Menu and type “Diskpart” and press Enter to open the utility (You will need admin rights to open diskpart)
    Search for Dikspart in Windows Menu
  2. Type “List Disk” to list all the drives attached to your system
    Type List Disk and press Enter
  3. Note down the number of your SD Card and Type “Select Disk” followed by your SD Card number to select it.
    Type Select Disk followed by the number of your SD Card
  4. Type “Clean” to clean and press enter or type “Clean All” if you have more than one partitions
  5. The utility will start cleaning the drive errors, once you get the message that the drive has been cleaned you can now format the SD Card and start using it normally.
    Clean successful

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