Mojang Studios Unveils Title for Minecraft 1.20: Trails & Tales Update

Mojang Studios has unveiled the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.20, also known as the 1.20 update. It has received a new name – the Trails & Tales Update. The name was announced during the premiere episode of Minecraft Monthly, the game’s new news show, which can be watched on their YouTube channel. The update, which is set to be released later this year, was first introduced during Minecraft Live 2022 by Game Director Agnes Larsson.

The Trails & Tales Update focuses on self-expression, creativity, and intrinsic motivation. The name represents the journey that Minecraft takes players on, and the unique stories that each player brings back. The update encourages players to tell their own Minecraft stories and share them with the world.

Previous updates such as Caves & Cliffs and Update Aquatic have been named after a theme, and Trails & Tales follows suit. The Minecraft worlds belong to the players, and so do the stories about those worlds.

All New Features & Additions

The update introduces all-new features that can currently be tried out in Bedrock betas and previews, as well as Java Snapshots.

Sniffer (Mob)

The winner of Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Vote, the sniffer, is making its debut in Minecraft 1.20. Once extinct, this ancient mob can now thrive in the game with the help of players who must find its eggs and assist in hatching them. 

Early access to the sniffer can be gained through Bedrock beta and Java snapshot releases, where it can be found in Creative Mode without its full range of functions.

To obtain the sniffer egg, players must search the Overworld for suspicious sand, which also contains other objects such as pottery shards. Once the egg is found, players must help it hatch to witness the birth of a cute snifflet, which will grow into a large and helpful sniffer. 

The sniffer can locate and sniff out seeds that once roamed the Overworld, allowing players to cultivate unique decorative plants.

Sniffer | Mojang Studios

Last year’s Minecraft Live allowed players to vote for their favorite mob, with the sniffer winning over the tuff golem and the rascal.

The Minecraft 1.20 version of Sniffer will include all the functionality voted for by the community during Minecraft Live 2022. Feedback can be provided on the dedicated Minecraft 1.20 feedback site and any bugs can be reported at

Armor Trims

Minecraft 1.20 is set to introduce a new addition to the game called armor trims, allowing players to personalize their armor and add some style to their Overworld travels. 

Armor has always been a vital component in Minecraft since players face various dangers such as hostile mobs, steep cliffs, and nighttime, and the addition of armor trims will not only provide protection but also add some fashion to the game.

Armor Trims in Minecraft 1.20 | Mojang Studios

The armor trims feature 11 different patterns that can be dyed in 10 colors, offering players numerous options to create a unique look for their armor. To add trims to your armor, you will need to obtain a smithing template, which is a new ingredient required for making upgrades at the smithing table. These templates can be found across Minecraft’s world, including bastions, where you can find piglin-inspired trims.

Once you’ve obtained a smithing template, you can craft your trims on the smithing table and dye them using gems and ingots like diamonds, copper, and netherite. 

The Java Snapshot allows players to test out the new armor trims, and the Bedrock betas and previews will follow shortly.

Cherry Blossom (Biome)

Players can look forward to the addition of a rare and stunning biome: the cherry blossom biome. it sure will excite the players who love beautiful landscapes. 

The cherry blossom biome is a pink paradise, filled with cherry blossom trees that have big, flat crowns resembling fluffy pink clouds. In this biome, players can find and harvest cherry trees for their full wood set, craft a new hanging sign, and even plant cherry tree saplings.

Cherry Blossom Biome | Mojang Studios

Three adorable mobs – pigs, sheep, and bees – are drawn to the cherry blossom trees and will spawn in this biome. 

Players can explore this new biome in the upcoming Java snapshots and Bedrock betas and previews.

Playable Mob Sounds (Sounds Interesting!?!)

This latest addition allows players to hear ambient sounds when they place a mob head on a note block. Piglin heads will also be added to the collection, which already includes Zombie, Creeper, Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, and Ender Dragon heads. 

Mob Heads | Minecraft | Mojang

Players can now create their own unique symphonies, alarms, and white noise machines using the different mob heads.

The playable mob sounds feature is a great way to add more depth and creativity to the game.

Camels Coming To Minecraft Deserts

One of the most notable additions is the camel, a towering creature with long legs that can dash and sprint. Similar to other mobs in the game, you can breed and tempt the camel, and even saddle it. What’s unique about the camel is that it’s big enough to carry both you and a friend!

Camels in Minecraft Desert Biome | Mojang

Note: These features are in early versions, and the developers are asking for feedback from players to iterate and tweak each feature before the official release.


The Trails & Tales Update is all about self-expression, specifically through representation, storytelling, and world-building. As Larsson puts it, “it’s the journey – your trails – that ties it all together.” Minecraft players can look forward to an update that encourages them to explore, create, and share their own unique stories.

What are your thoughts about this? Are you excited to see Minecraft 1.20 in action? Let’s discuss this in the comment section below.


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