How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription the Easy Way [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • While Kindle Unlimited offers access to over 2 million titles, it does not allow full ownership of these books; users must purchase titles individually to own them permanently.
  • To cancel Kindle Unlimited, users must navigate the Amazon website via a web browser, log into their account, and follow specific steps to cancel under Kindle Unlimited settings without any option for partial refunds.
  • Unlike Audible, which is primarily an audiobook service with a credit system, Kindle Unlimited provides a broader range of e-books and magazines but borrowed items are removed post-cancellation.

While Amazon Kindle Unlimited offers a vast selection of over 2 million titles spanning various genres, including many with audible narrations for those who prefer audiobooks, it still falls short of being dubbed the ‘Netflix of e-books‘. Despite its extensive library, the service does not grant full ownership of titles unless they are individually purchased.

So, if you’ve finally decided to put an end to this subscription journey, canceling the service is only a matter of detailed steps from experts like us. Prior to parting ways though, make the most of your cancellation period and go through any pending borrowed e-books, magazines, and audiobooks before they are removed from your Kindle library.

Cancel Kindle Unlimited
Kindle Unlimited

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is no less than a haven for e-book worms, magazine aficionados, and avid audiobook listeners. Offering an almost unlimited array of titles under one digital roof, accessible from any device, it is undoubtedly the ultimate digital book subscription service. With monthly subscriptions, you can download any title to your Kindle library for temporary custodianship.

Its growing popularity is evident as it becomes the first choice for many transitioning to e-books, while there are still a few for whom the experience of a paper book cannot and should not be replaced. Some may even come to this realization after trying Kindle Unlimited and thus may choose to cancel their subscription.

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Should You Cancel Kindle Unlimited?

You must admit, gaining access to a library boasting over 2 million titles is more than a fair deal, given that most of today’s digital entertainment is confined to monthly or yearly subscription models. But if such is the case, why would anyone want to cancel Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Cancel Kindle Unlimited
Cancel Kindle Unlimited

No doubt, the service is of great value for what it offers; however, some simply prefer the tactile experience of a physical book, which Kindle Unlimited cannot possibly provide. But there are a few other reasons why subscribers may consider canceling:

  • Lack of interest in available titles
  • Not utilizing the service enough due to lack of time
  • Not being avid readers, hence finding the monthly subscriptions not worth it
  • Preferring to spend money to purchase books rather than borrowing them for a limited period

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Steps to Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership

Before proceeding with cancellation, it’s important to note that Amazon does not provide partial refunds for early or mid-term cancellations. Instead, your membership will remain active until the next billing date, and any borrowed books will still be accessible during this period. Afterward, only the purchased books will remain in your library.

Step 1: Go to Amazon Via Web Browser

Earlier, canceling a Kindle Unlimited subscription could be done conveniently via the Kindle or Amazon app. However, recent changes mean that managing and canceling subscriptions can now only be done through a web browser.
Therefore, go to Amazon’s official page and click on the Hello, sign in Account & Lists option at the top right corner of the screen.

Amazon webpage
Click on Hello, sign in Account & Lists

Step 2: Login to Your Account

You will then be taken to the Amazon Sign in page. Simply enter your Email or mobile phone number in the provided field and hit Continue.

Amazon Sign in Page
Click on Continue

Next, enter your Password and click Sign in.

Amazon Sign in Page
Click on Sign in

Step 3: Launch Kindle Unlimited Settings

Once logged into your account, you’ll arrive at the Amazon homepage with some enticing deals. But hold off on those tempting purchases for now. Instead, hover your cursor over the Hello, User Account & Lists option to reveal its drop-down menu. Then, navigate to Kindle Unlimited in the Your Account section.

Amazon Your Account Settings
Click on Kindle Unlimited

Alternatively, open the hamburger (three horizontal bars) menu from the top-left corner and click on Kindle E-readers & Books under the Digital Content & Devices section. Then select Kindle Unlimited under the Kindle Store section.

Cancel Kindle Unlimited
Go to Kindle E-readers & Books and click on Kindle Unlimited

Step 4: Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership

This will display your Kindle Unlimited membership details, including your current plan, borrowed items, and payment settings. You’d want to locate the Manage Membership section and click on the Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership button located there.

Kindle Unlimited membership details
Click on Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership

Step 5: Confirm Your Action

Amazon will prompt you to confirm your action with a final warning displaying the titles you’ve borrowed. It will also state the date until your membership expires and these titles will be removed from your library. Since you made no mistake in taking this action, confirm your decision by clicking on the Cancel Membership button.

Cancel Kindle Unlimited
Click on Cancel membership

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Kindle Unlimited Vs. Audible

Cancel Kindle Unlimited
Kindle Unlimited Vs. Audible

Both Kindle Unlimited and Audible are Amazon subscription services for book lovers. Here’s a quick breakdown between the two:

  • Where Kindle Unlimited provides access to countless e-books, magazines, and audiobooks as a bonus, Audible is exclusively an audiobook service with higher subscription fees and a smaller number of available titles comparatively.
  • Audible offers a range of subscription plans and allows users to put their membership on hold.
  • Audible offers a credit system with which members can purchase audiobooks at a discount, a feature that Kindle Unlimited lacks. This means that if ever a subscription is put on hold or canceled in the future, you will still have access to the purchased audiobooks. However, with Kindle Unlimited, borrowed books are removed from the library once the cancellation period is over.
  • Audible is available in over 170 countries, whereas Kindle Unlimited is selective to regions.

In the end, no service is better than the other. Where one lacks, the other excels. Ultimately, it boils down to whether you prefer listening to audiobooks or switching to reading e-books from time to time.

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Final Words

Once you’ve carefully followed the mentioned steps, it’s only a matter of time before all your borrowed books would disappear from the library, leaving you with only the purchased titles, that is if you ever bought any.


Can you cancel Kindle Unlimited membership using a Kindle?

While a Kindle can be used to access your Kindle Unlimited account for downloading and reading books, it cannot be used to manage or cancel your membership. You can only do so via a web browser, either from a computer or a mobile phone.

Can you read Kindle books without subscribing to Kindle Unlimited?

Yes, you can read eBooks from Amazon on your Kindle or any other compatible device without subscribing to Amazon’s e-book service, Kindle Unlimited. You simply need to purchase them from their respective Amazon pages. What’s even better is that these books will be available with lifetime access, unlike with Kindle Unlimited, where borrowed books disappear when the subscription ends.

Is there an additional fee or penalty for canceling Kindle Unlimited?

No, canceling your Kindle Unlimited membership does not incur any penalty or additional fee. It’s as simple as going to your account settings and confirming the cancellation anytime you like. However, it’s important to note that Amazon will not provide a refund for the remaining time on your subscription plan. Nevertheless, you’ll retain access to borrowed books until the end of the subscription period.


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