Vision Pro Battery Cable is Detachable with a SIM Tool, Reveals the New Lightning Connector

The review embargo on Vision Pro was lifted yesterday, allowing us, as consumers, to get an in-depth look at Apple’s first step into spatial computing. One of the many things that came to light here was the added inconvenience of using a separate battery pack for the headset.

Apple Apparently Uses a Modified Lightning Connector on One Side of the Vision Pro Battery Pack

On X, a user discovered that the Vision Pro battery pack’s cable can apparently be removed using a SIM ejector tool. The battery features a hole on one side of the connector, where inserting the pin effectively “unlocks” the cable from the battery, causing it to pop right out.

The removable side provided us with our first glimpse at the new, modified Lightning connector. For comparison, the conventional connector uses 8 pins, whereas this version incorporates 12 pins and is inarguably wider.

For the battery pack, it had a cable running through it, one side of which was Apple’s proprietary round-shaped connector that connected to the headset itself and the other side of the cable ran into the battery pack, and seemed like it was unremovable. The issue with this was that any damage to the cable or the connector itself could lead to some serious costs for the consumer down the road.

While the concept of the cable being separable may not seem huge, it does provides consumers with the flexibility of knowing that they won’t have to replace the entire battery if only the cable is damaged or worn out. On the other hand, if the battery needs replacement or servicing in the future, it would be much more environmentally friendly to simply swap out the battery instead of the entire bundle, including the cable.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: Ray Wong


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